Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Cedar Waxwing

I found my first Cedar Waxwings a few days ago along the St.John River. There were about a dozen of them sitting in a tree. This picture is from a few years ago close to my in-laws cottage on PEI. This is when I first started to really get interested in taking pictures of birds and it remains my favorite picture of a Cedar Waxwing that I have taken so far.

Last night I got out birding for a few minutes and found a few Bank Swallows mixed in with over 20 Tree Swallows along the St.John River in Woodstock. I know a nesting spot over on PEI where I've seen them many times before, but had yet to see any in NB until last night. I should also mention I saw my first Red-eyed Vireo of the year yesterday when I went out for a short walk along a trail in Nackawic.

These 3 birds have brought my total up to 110 for the year just in New Brunswick.