Saturday, 10 January 2015

Snowy Owl

Last Saturday morning I got a phone call about a Snowy Owl sighting outside of Hartland. I've only jumped in my car twice to go searching for a bird and both times, they've been for a Snowy Owl! I actually brought along my two oldest boys (ages 2 and 4) to try to see it for ourselves. My oldest, Caleb, has mentioned to me a few times lately that he'd really like to see a Snowy Owl so I was excited that he might be able to see one so soon. We weren't disappointed as it was still there when we arrived.

We could see it off in the distance, but I zoomed in on it with my camera so the boys could have a better look. My two year old, Kyle, has been telling this story all week and describes it as a big white ball of snow and the shape of an egg. Pretty accurate description isn't it?

The photo below has been cropped to the max. I would have liked a better picture, but it wasn't worth disturbing an owl that could be exhausted and starving. It was a great addition to the Hartland Christmas Bird count and helped us finish with 44 species for the area. I'm sure getting to see one will always be a special sighing, but getting to see one with your kids is pretty priceless!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Ruffed Grouse, Bald Eagle

I was hoping to find Great Horned Owls today, but didn't have any luck. A friend of mine found two outside of Hartland a few weeks ago. Here is one of the pictures he got;
We were out a logging road and I did noticed two Ruffed Grouse. I haven't seen one in a while so it was nice to find two, up a tree of course!

On our way there and back, there were two Bald Eagles perched in a tree. There were lots of branches in the way, so we couldn't get a clear shot. It was enough to just watch them together like that and wasn't worth scaring them off. It was as if they were trying to keep each other warm and no wonder if that was the case!