Saturday, 9 January 2016

Eastern Towhee

I got to see my 201st bird in New Brunswick this morning. Last night I got a call that there has been a female Eastern Townhee coming to feeders at a yard just outside of Hartland. I made the trip up this morning and got to watch it for a good half hour. At first I watched it inside with the owner of the house and later went outside at saw it in this tree (it came out along with a Song Sparrow & Dark-eyed Junco after some pishing) and even got to hear it!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Cooper's Hawk

Yesterday I made a trip to Fredericton and couldn't help put pull over when I saw a large accipiter in a tree downtown. I've been hoping to find a Cooper's Hawk on my own for a while now so I studied it with my binoculars and then took a few different photos to confirm its ID. The rounded tail stood out as well as its flat head. It's been a great to start to 2016 as I've already found 35 species.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Red Crossbill

I was very pleased to find two Red Crossbills today (first is a female, second a male). I've only ever seen them once so it was great to be able to find them again and this time study them for a bit longer. They were on the side of the road getting some grit so I backed up and watched them in the trees for a while before they flew away.