Sunday, 10 December 2017

Cackling Goose

Ever since I got to see a Greater White-fronted Goose a few winters ago, I keep scanning large flocks of Canada Geese hoping to see a Cackling Goose. I did a lot of reading and studied a lot of photos in hopes that I would eventually find one.
There is nothing quite like locating and properly identifying a bird on your own! I did just that yesterday afternoon when a Cackling Goose stood out among hundreds of Canada's. At first I saw a smaller Canada Goose, but then another small goose floated by and this one had the stubby bill. Ideally I try to get a photograph of every bird that I count as a lifer, especially when the sighting could be questioned. This picture clearly shows the differences between the two species so this was a nice consolation prize for not being able to find the Barnacle Goose the week before!