Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Carleton County Waterfowl

Common - most everywhere and numerous

1. Mallard - year round
2. American Black Duck - year round
3. Canada Goose - almost year round
4 Common Goldeneye - late March to mid-December (sometimes around for Christmas Bird Counts)
5. Hooded Merganser - mid-March to end of November
6. Ring-necked Duck - early April to late November
7. Wood Duck - early April to late October
8. Green-winged Teal - early April to early December (2 still around for Christmas Bird Count 2013)

Fairly Common - could be a little harder to find and not as numerous. Early Spring to late Fall

9. American Wigeon
10. Northern Shoveler
11. Northern Pintail
12. Blue-winged Teal

Migrants - pass through the area between April & November and don't stick around very long

13. Snow Goose - check large flocks of Canada Geese, at least one around each spring or fall
14. Surf Scoter
15. White-winged Scoter 
16. Black Scoter
17. Long-tailed Duck
18. Red-breasted Merganser
19. Common Eider
20. Greater Scaup
21. Lesser Scaup
22. Bufflehead
23. Gadwall - 1-4 can be found each year in the Woodstock lagoon
24. Barrow's Goldeneye - scan through flocks of Common Goldeneye's. Best place to look is in the Woodstock lagoon in April or November.

*Best spots to find the above species - Woodstock Marina, Beardsley Road sewage lagoon and behind NBCC, in the Meduxnekeag River. 

Rare - very few records for the area
25. Brant - one record, found by Cassandra Short behind NBCC Woodstock, early May 2015
26. Cackling Goose - a few found by Matt Wilson (Duck Call Champion)
27. Eurasian Wigeon - 3 records, all at Woodstock sewage lagoon. Spring 2014, 2016 and 2017
28. Canvasback - one record that I know of, I found on Nov.28th 2014 at Woodstock sewage lagoon
29. Redhead - one record from 2014
30. Ruddy Duck - one record that I know of, I found on Oct. 29th, 2016 at Woodstock sewage lagoon

Other Possibilities - no records for the area that I know of
Pink-footed Goose - found in Fredericton spring 2017 and fall 2016
Harlequin Duck - found in Fredericton area before and one recent sighting in Grand Falls
Barnacle Goose - a few found in Aroostock County, Maine in the last few years
Tufted Duck - typically found with Ring-necked Ducks, at least one spotted each year in Saint John or Moncton area

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