Thursday, 4 June 2015

Least Flycatcher, Evening Grosbeak

There are lots of Least Flycatchers around right now. Now is the time to figure out which is which because they are singing away. I've also heard Alder and I'm hoping that is this the year I find my first Willow. I should at least year an Eastern Wood Peewee this weekend and maybe even a Great Creasted Flycatcher.

I was surprised to see a few Evening Grosbeaks at my feeder a few weeks ago. They don't seem to come right into town (Woodstock) a lot so I really don't have many pictures of the species. I will be moving soon so hopefully I'll get them every winter as our new home is just outside of town. I already know there is a pair of Northern Cardinals around as I've seen and heard them each time we've gone to see the property.