Tuesday, 21 April 2015

House Finch, Chipping Sparrow

There are still some winter birds around, but the numbers have certainly decreased since the beginning of April. I did see one Common Redpoll over the weekend and I'm still getting three Pine Siskins in my backyard. Actually, yesterday I was surprised to see a Bohemian Waxwing and Pine Grosbeak on my street. There was a great variety of winter birds here in New Brunswick, but it is nice to have our other backyard birds return.

Two weeks ago I heard a different song out back. I looked around and noticed two bright House Finches on top of a tree. I've had females before, but never males. The females can trick you when they are with Purple Finches or Pine Siskins, but they do stand out if you know what to look for. Just in the past couple of days Chipping Sparrows have been showing up around the province. One day I had an American Tree Sparrow (soon leaving) in my yard in the morning and then a Chipping Sparrow in the afternoon. They do have some similarities, but their differences stand out when you know what to look for!